Tuesday, 19. February 2008
Underdogs or How to Pimp Your Pumpkin Soup
I always like these guys who sweep the street. First of all because I do not like trash. Second of all because watching them is interesting and makes you think.

You think about the world and your position in it. And finally you will realize that your position is not that bad at all. These guys who clean the street and pick up your used tissue are mostly overlooked by everyone.

I always have sympathy with them. That is because I always have sympathy with the weaker. If there is a game of soccer I am always in favour for the weaker team. If your are the stronger player in a game, it's not special to win. However if you're the weaker and you win, than you really did it!

Inside of my brain I can hear you yell: "Asshole! You are talking about the sweepers like they are shit!"

No I don't. As I mentioned, cleaners and sweepers are important. They do a very important job. However cleaning the streets or the toilets is no fun. I do not think that many people do this because they like it especially.They do it because they have to.

One interesting observation I made over the last years watching the "sweepers", is that there are different categories of them. I differentiate between 3 of them:
  • The Afros
  • The women
  • The men
The Afros are normally the people who clean everything really good. When a Afro cleaned the railways station, you can see your face mirrored at a thousand places. I imagine that you could even look inside of the trash bin and see yourself at the lustering bottom. They do a real good job. When I see them I always want to give them money. Not because I think they look so torn off that they need it, but just to thank them.

The women are the second best sweepers. They are not especially good, but they work hard. Maybe they do have a family at home and really need the money. Maybe they think: "SHIT. I hate this job, I hate this job!" However keeping their thoughts at their children keeps them going.

The worst are the men. They are always clustered in groups of at least 3. Two of the three are talking about something only men talk about (usually shit). One has a shovel or a broom pretending to work by moving it at such a enormous speed that even my 120 years old Grandma could do faster. Sometimes I think the only underdog job men are good at is garbage collection. Or maybe butcher.

To come back to the heading: You can pimp your pumpkin soup with nutmeg.

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